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Armenian Community of Aleppo in Danger

EAFJD hosted the Prelate of Aleppo Armenians, Archbishop Shahan Sarkissian and a representative Aleppo Armenian  Garabed Yuzbashian in Brussels. They held a large number of meetings with European and Belgian decision-makers, including EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid & Crisis Management Mr. Christos StylianidesBelgian Minister for asylum & migration Mr. Theo Francken,  Belgium Senate Vice-president Mr. Karl Vanlouwe, Belgian Cardinal Josef de Kesel, President of French Speaking Parliament of Brussels Region Ms. Julie de Groote, Director of Middle East & North Africa departement in Belgium ministry of foreign affairs Mr. Johan Verkammen, member of the Chamber, leader of CD&V faction Ms. Els Van Hoof, and Mr. Ward Kennes, member of the Flemish Parliament. The current situation of Armenians in Aleppo and the possibilities to assist were discussed. Besides political meetings, a fundraising event with the participation of the Armenian Community in Belgium was held in Brussels in St. Mary Magdalene Armenian Apostolic Church.

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