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The EAFJD acknowledges the statements by the EU leadership and the European Commission on 5 April, towards enhancing Armenia’s resilience through various investment programs, including the 270 million euro grant targeted at supporting small and medium-sized companies. We value the EU’s emphasis on infrastructure projects, particularly the Black Sea power cable project and renewable energy initiatives, which will contribute to Armenia’s economic growth and development.

While investments and reforms are essential for the country’s progress, Armenia’s paramount challenge is the security threat it is facing because of Azerbaijan’s aggressive, expansionist agenda. 

We call on the EU to send clear signals to Azerbaijan that all its territorial claims towards the Republic of Armenia, including Armenia’s Tavush region, the so-called “enclaves” as well as the extraterritorial transport links Azerbaijan demands via Armenia’s Syunik region are utterly unacceptable. Azerbaijan’s demands have nothing to do with the delimitation and demarcation process. It is a policy of land grabbing by use of threat or use of force.  Azerbaijan must also withdraw its forces from the territory of the Republic of Armenia that it continues to occupy. 

Thus, we appeal to the EU to outline concrete, tangible measures and strategies to support Armenia’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, in light of the aggression it is facing from Azerbaijan 

Additionally, the EAFJD fully endorses the initiative by the “Europeans for Artsakh” platform, which has urged the EU leadership to earmark financial means to enable dignified housing in the Republic of Armenia for the forcibly displaced indigenous Armenian population of Nagorno Karabakh/Artsakh, until international protection mechanisms are put in place so that they can collectively return to their ancestral homeland, namely Nagorno Karabakh/Artsakh.

The President of the EAFJD commented on the recent statements:

“There is a critical need for EU’s support in facilitating the collective right to return of Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh Armenians to their homeland under international protection. Ensuring their return is vital for Armenia’s stability and future. Moreover, it is necessary that the EU exerts pressure on Azerbaijan to release all Armenian prisoners of war and captives.

EAFJD stands ready to collaborate with the EU institutions and international partners to contribute to a stable and prosperous future for the Republic of Armenia.”

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